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Current Issue: Volume 12, Issue 2, February 2024 


Optimizing Outcomes after Operative Treatment Bicondylar Tibial Plateau Fractures – Time for Innovation?

Pages 80-91


Mihir S. Dekhne; Derek Stenquist; Nishant Suneja; Michael Weaver; Michael Moerk Petersen; Upender Martin Singh; Arvind Von Keudell


Quantitative Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction May Serve as a Useful Adjunct to Conventional Culture in The Detection of Cutibacterium acnes in the Glenohumeral Joint: A Study of 100 Consecutive Patients

Pages 102-107


Matthew Como; Rajiv P. Reddy; Margaret L. Hankins; Gillian E. Kane; Dongzhu Ma; Peter G. Alexander; Kenneth L. Urish; Amin Karimi; Albert Lin

Anatomic Reduction of Greater Tuberosity Fragment for Shoulder Hemiarthroplasty: a Predictor of Good Clinical Outcome

Pages 108-115


Francesco Lazzarini; Marco Distefano; Tony Shen; Gregorio Secci; Michael Cresci; Raffaele Tucci; Luigi Zanna

Outcomes of the Modified Stoppa Approach in Acetabular Fracture Management: Incidence of Nerve Injuries

Pages 123-127


Kamyar Khoshabi; Alireza Manafi Rasi; Reza Zandi; Farzad Amoozadeh Omrani; Reza Tavakoli Darestani; Mirbahador Athari; Sina Afzal

Patterns of Ankle Fractures Based on Radiographs and CT Images of 1000 Consecutive Patients

Pages 128-135


Amir Reza Vosoughi; Amir Human Hoveidaei; Zohre Roozbehi; Seyed Majid Heydari Divkolaei; Somayeh Zare; Roham Borazjani


Posterior Interosseous Neuropathy Related to a Loose Distal Biceps Cortical Button: A Case Series

Pages 139-143


Kamil M. Amer; Tiffany N. Bridges; Arsalaan Choudhry; Chistopher M. Jones

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