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Current Issue: Volume 11, Issue 1, January 2023 


Prediction Models for Knee Osteoarthritis: Review of Current Models and Future Directions

Pages 1-10


Taghi Ramazanian; Sunyang Fu; Sunghwan Sohn; Michael J. Taunton; Hilal Maradit Kremers

Impact of age on functional outcome after reverse shoulder arthroplasty performed for proximal humerus fractures or their sequelae

Pages 29-38


Derek S Stenquist; James Barger; Amin Mohamadi; Michael J. Weaver; Nishant Suneja; George S.M. Dyer; Arvind Von Keudell

Cost and Early Complication Analysis Following Total Hip Arthroplasty in Parkinson’s Disease Patients: A Propensity-matched Database Study

Pages 47-52


Akshay Goel; Vibhu Krishnan Viswanathan; Prabhudev Prasad Purudappa; Vishaal Sakthivelan; Varatharaj Mounsamy; Senthil Nathan Sambandam

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