Peer Review:

During the submission process, you’ll be asked to suggest five potential reviewers and to indicate any specific editors or reviewers who should not review your manuscript. We will respect your request so long as it does not interfere with the objective and thorough assessment of the submission.

The handling editor selects reviewers based on expertise, publication history, and past reviews, and invites them to provide feedback on the manuscript. After agreeing to review, external peer reviewers typically have 10 days to submit their review. The Editor usually makes the decision after receiving a minimum of two reviews. The journal office will follow up with late reviewers and keep you informed if there are any delays.

The Archives of Bone and Joint Surgery used to use a double-blind peer review. The Archives of Bone and Joint Surgery uses a single-blind peer-review starting April 2022. Reviewers remain anonymous unless they choose to identify themselves by signing their name to their review in our submission system.


Eligibility criteria for becoming and remaining an Active Reviewer


Primary qualifications

      1. The reviewers are expected to provide a primary response, either agree or decline, to 100% of the total assigned papers.
      2. Reviewers are expected to "Decline" a maximum of 50% of the assigned works annually.


Secondary qualifications

      1. There is a 5-day period for the reviewer to Decline/Accept. If no response is received, another reminder will be sent. If no response is received, the paper will be considered declined automatically. 
      2. The time interval between the reviewer's acceptance and decision letter should NOT be more than 19 days (14+5) for the first round.
      3. The time interval between the second/further referrals and the reviewer's reply should NOT be more than five working days.
      4. The response letter must AT LEAST consist of four comments (each one must address and point out a comment in a comprehensive fashion) addressing each part of the article (e.g., at least one comment for Introduction, one for Methods, and so on).


To express our gratitude to our active reviewers:

    • Their accepted papers will be fast published.
    • Their submitted papers will go through the fast-tracked review process.
    • Reviewers will get subsidence credit for the expenses of the English language edition.
    • The list of the Top Reviewers will be published annually on the website
    • Upon request, the certificate for being a Reviewer will be issued for the Active Reviewers.
    • The journal's Editorial Board will consider a Reviewer as an Active Reviewer after fulfilling the mentioned criteria for two consecutive years. 
    • The journal's Editorial Board might invite a reviewer to join the Editorial Board after three consecutive years of being an active reviewer. 


Peer Reviewers` list

Active Reviewers` list