Eligibility criteria for becoming and remaining an Active Reviewer



Primary qualifications


  1. The reviewer must provide a primary respond to 100% of total referred papers for consideration.

  2. Individuals can “Decline” maximum of 20% of referred works annually.


Secondary qualifications


  1. There is a 5-day period (2+3) for the reviewer to Decline/Accept. If no response is executed, the paper will be considered declined automatically. 

  2. The time interval between the reviewer`s acceptance and decision letter should NOT be more than 19 working days (14+5) for the first round.

  3. The time interval between the second/further referrals and reviewer`s reply should NOT be more than five working days.

  4. The response letter must AT LEAST consist of four comments (each one must address and point out a problem in a comprehensive fashion) addressing each part of the article (e.g. at least one comment for Introduction, one for Methods, and so on).



  • Upon the request, the certificate for being as a Reviewer will only be issued for the Active Reviewers.
  • Editorial Board of the journal will consider a Reviewer as an Active Reviewer after fulfilling the mentioned criteria for 2 consecutive years. 
  • Editorial Board of the journal will invite a reviewer to join the Editorial Board after 3 consecutive years of being an Active reviewer. 



Peer Reviewers` list

Active Reviewers` list