1. Iranian Orthopedic Association (IOA) Response Guidance to COVID-19 Pandemic April 2020

Mansour Abolghasemian; Mohammad H. Ebrahimzadeh; Mohammad Ali Enayatollahi; Keivan Honarmand; Amir R. Kachooei; Soheil Mehdipoor; Mohammad Javad Mortazavi; Alireza Mousavian; Ali Parsa; Gholam Ali Akasheh; Farshid Bagheri; Adel Ebrahimpour; Mohammad Fakoor; Roshanak Moradi; Mohammad Razi

Volume 8, Supplement 1 , April 2020, Pages 209-217

  Iranian Orthopedic Community as a part of the national health system feels deeply responsible to take part in the battle against the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Although we might not be considered the front-line defenders, we do have a key role in this challenge. As the crisis continues to grow ...  Read More

2. The Ups and Downs of COVID-19 Epidemics for Orthopedic Community

Behnam Panjavi; Reza Shahryar Kamrani; Bahareh Ghane

Volume 8, Supplement 1 , April 2020, Pages 218-219

  We started 2020 while facing the largest pandemic of infectious diseases in the last one hundred years and also the most widespread recession in human life. The relatively small size COVID-19 virus has now placed more than half of the world in lockdown and is passing through countries borderless without ...  Read More

3. How to Boost Your Immune System Against Corona-virus Infection?

Nasrin Moazzen; Bahareh Imani; Mohammadhassan Aelami; Nasrin Sadat Motevali Haghi; Hamidreza kianifar; Maryam Khoushkhui; Hamid Ahanchian

Volume 8, Supplement 1 , April 2020, Pages 220-225

  New emerging viruses like coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) infections are always frightening. We know little about theirtransmission, behaviors, clinical manifestations, and outcomes. There is no vaccine or therapeutic strategies to dealwith these infections yet. In this situation, preventive measures may ...  Read More

4. Molecular Aspects of Co-morbidities in COVID-19 Infection

Farzaneh Pouya; Zeynab Imani Saber; Mohammad Amin Kerachian

Volume 8, Supplement 1 , April 2020, Pages 226-230

  Coronaviruses are a group of enveloped viruses with single-stranded non-segmented positive-sense RNA genomes. InDecember 2019, SARS-CoV-2 appeared in China for the first time and quickly spread throughout the world. Althoughcertain medications suggested for other afflictions tend to be potentially effective ...  Read More

5. Bone in the Time of Corona: Suggestions for Managing Pediatric Orthopaedics Conditions in a Resourcelimited Environment during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Soroush Baghdadi; Mohammad Hossein Nabian; Taghi Baghdadi

Volume 8, Supplement 1 , April 2020, Pages 231-234

  The outbreak of a novel coronavirus, referred to as coronavirus disease-19 (COVID-19), with its sentinel case in Wuhan,China, in December 2019, has spread rapidly around the globe. On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization(WHO) declared COVID-19 a worldwide pandemic, which led to most countries ...  Read More

6. Lockdown of an Orthopedic Department During COVID-19 Epidemics, Our Experience in a General Hospital

Seyed Hadi Kalantar; Amir Reza Farhoud; S.M. Javad Mortazavi

Volume 8, Supplement 1 , April 2020, Pages 235-241

  The COVID-19 disease is rapidly spreading around the world, affecting many countries and their healthcare systems.Like many other countries, Iran is struggling with the current situation. In this article, we aim to share our perspectiveson confronting obstacles mentioned above using appropriate hospital ...  Read More

7. A Review of the Strategies and Studies on the Prevention and Control of the New Coronavirus in Workplaces

Ehsan Rafeemanesh; Fatemeh Ahmadi; Maryam Memarzadeh

Volume 8, Supplement 1 , April 2020, Pages 242-246

  Workplaces are susceptible places for exposure to the new coronavirus (Covid-19) infection due to gathering of manypeople. Hence, different instructions have been promoted by international organizations regarding high-risk employeesand the necessity of implementing health policies to prevent exposure ...  Read More

8. Prevalence of Comorbidities in COVID-19 Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Ashkan Baradaran; Mohammad H. Ebrahimzadeh; Aslan Baradaran; Amir R. Kachooei

Volume 8, Supplement 1 , April 2020, Pages 247-255

  Background: In this study, we aimed to assess the prevalence of comorbidities in the confirmed COVID-19 patients. Thismight help showing which comorbidity might pose the patients at risk of more severe symptoms.Methods: We searched all relevant databases on April 7th, 2020 using the keywords (“novel ...  Read More

9. Surgical Practice in the Shadow of COVID-19 Outbreak

Reza Abdi; Reza Shojaeian; Sara Hajian; Shahrzad Sheikh

Volume 8, Supplement 1 , April 2020, Pages 256-261

    Background: COVID-19 epidemic rapidly spread all around the world with over 1500 thousand infected cases and95000 deaths. This rapid pandemic may overwhelm health care capacity and shortage of resources is a major concern.Literature provided guidelines on management of COVID-19 patients but healthcare ...  Read More

10. A Holistic View of Health Infrastructure Resilience Before and After COVID-19

Abbas Barabadi; Mohammad Hossein Ghiasi; Ali Nouri Qarahasanlou; Adel Mottahedi

Volume 8, Supplement 1 , April 2020, Pages 262-269

  Background: Large-scale events such as COVID-19 show that there are situations that can lead to huge stress on healthinfrastructure systems (HIS). The pandemic reveals that it is very difficult to protect HIS from all kinds of possible hazards.They can be unpredictable and spread rapidly; hence, it is ...  Read More

11. Management of Spine Trauma in COVID-19 Pandemic: A Preliminary Report

Mohammadreza Chehrassan; Adel Ebrahimpour; Hasan Ghandhari; Morteza Sanei Taheri; Bahador Athari; Mehrdad Sadighi; Meisam Jafari KafiAbadi; Amin Karami; Alireza Zali

Volume 8, Supplement 1 , April 2020, Pages 270-276

  Introduction: COVID-19 was first identified in Iran in February 2020 and since then it spread rapidly through all over the country and soon after reported as a pandemic. The current study present a preliminary report of spine trauma management during COVID-19 pandemic. Method and Material: A cross sectional ...  Read More

12. Twelve Lessons on Hospital Leadership During COVID-19 Pandemic

Seyed Farshad Allameh; Nasim Khajavirad; Ali Labaf; Azim Mirzazadeh; Khosro Sageghniat; S.M. Javad Mortazavi; Ali Jafarian

Volume 8, Supplement 1 , April 2020, Pages 277-280

  Coronavirus pandemic has been announced by World Health Organization Director General on March 11th, 2020.Imam Khomeini Hospital Complex, affiliated to Tehran University of Medical Sciences, was one the first referral hospitalsin the capital city of Tehran, I.R.Iran that entered the crisis and started ...  Read More

13. Safety and Efficacy of Casting During COVID-19 Pandemic: A Comparison of the Mechanical Properties of Polymers Used for 3D Printing to Conventional Materials Used for the Generation of Orthopaedic Orthoses

Ashkan Sedigh; Amir R. Kachooei; Pedro K. Beredjiklian; Alexander R. Vaccaro; Michael Rivlin

Volume 8, Supplement 1 , April 2020, Pages 281-285

  To reduce the risk of spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the emerging protocols are advising for less physicianpatientcontact, shortening the contact time, and keeping a safe distance. It is recommended that unnecessary castingbe avoided in the events that alternative methods can be applied ...  Read More

14. Orthopedic Trauma Surgeries in COVID-19 Pandemic; A Trauma Management Algorithm

Mohammad Khak; Alireza Manafi-Rasi; Leila Oryadi Zanjani; Mohammad Hossein Nabian

Volume 8, Supplement 1 , April 2020, Pages 286-290

  After the COVID-19 outbreak worldwide, we will sooner or later encounter trauma patients with COVID-19 in thedeveloping countries. It is a challenging decision-making process for an orthopedic surgeon to provide the patients withthe best practice in the crisis. Here we discuss the issue in terms of clinical ...  Read More

15. The Application of a Reduced Dye Used in Orthopedics as a Novel Treatment against Coronavirus (COVID-19): A Suggested Therapeutic Protocol

Daryoush Hamidi Alamdari; Ahmad Bagheri Moghaddam; Shahram Amini; Aida Hamidi Alamdari; Mohamadamin Damsaz; Amir Yarahmadi

Volume 8, Supplement 1 , April 2020, Pages 291-294

  The severe acute respiratory syndrome caused by COVID-19 is now a global catastrophic event. Currently thereis no approved drug or vaccine for the disease. Methylene blue (MB, oxidized form, blue color) has been used inmany different areas of clinical medicine, ranging from malaria to orthopedics. Leucomethylene ...  Read More

16. How to Continue Essential Orthopedic Services during COVID-19 Crisis?

Mohammad Naghi Tahmasebi; Mohammad Hossein Nabian

Volume 8, Supplement 1 , April 2020, Pages 295-296

  The first pandemic of the coronavirus family was caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARSCoV-2) in late 2019. As a result of the pandemic critical condition, specialized orthopedic services were obviouslyaffected. To respond properly, we initiated a series of strategic measures, ...  Read More

17. Association of New Coronavirus Disease With Fragility Hip and Lower Limb Fractures in Elderly Patients

Mohammad Javad Shariyate; Amir R. Kachooei

Volume 8, Supplement 1 , April 2020, Pages 297-301

  The novel coronavirus-induced infection (COVID-19) was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization onMarch 11, 2020. Iran is one of the countries with a high incidence of COVID-19 infection.Data on three patients with fragility hip fracture and COVID-19 infection were collected from one hospital ...  Read More

18. Novel Coronavirus Infection in Orthopedic Patients ; Report of Seven Cases

Hamid Rabie; Mohammad Hasan Sharafi; Leila Oryadi Zanjani; Mohammad Hossein Nabian

Volume 8, Supplement 1 , April 2020, Pages 302-309

  During the course of novel coronavirus pandemic ,Shariati hospital in Tehran , as a tertiary center in both orthopedictrauma and COVID-19 , we detected 7 cases with definite diagnosis of COVID-19 and concomitant emergent orthopedicproblem.This paper represents considerations and special issues in managing ...  Read More

19. Influencing Factors on COVID-19 Infection Despite Protective Measures Among Orthopedic Residents: Air Ventilation and Contact Duration

Idin Javadi; Ramin Sargazi; Mohamadreza Daryaee; Amir R. Kachooei

Volume 8, Supplement 1 , April 2020, Pages 310-312

  Despite all protective measures, the number of contacts and cumulative contact duration in the frontline screening seem to be the influencing factors. Three out 5 of our first year orthopedic residents showed symptoms of the disease 2-3 weeks after starting their tasks in the COVID-19 floor. Other residents ...  Read More

20. The Application of Telemedicine in Upper Extremity Surgery

Dennis DeBernardis; Michael Rivlin

Volume 8, Supplement 1 , April 2020, Pages 313-314

  Telemedicine has seen a recent surge in utilization with the current global Coronavirus pandemic. Prior to this increase in use, its application has been proven to be both safe and effective in primary care and surgical medicine. Its value has been demonstrated for utilization in both initial consultation ...  Read More

21. Considerations in Upper Limb Rehabilitation During COVID-19 Crisis

Maryam Farzad; Mitra Ashrafi; Amir Reza Farhoud

Volume 8, Supplement 1 , April 2020, Pages 315-316

  Abstract: COVID-19 has imposed an unusual effect on all aspects of medicine. Many elective measures have been canceled and medical facilities are reserved for this critical situation. Although a comprehensive approach is needed in entire fields of medicine to prevent spreading of corona virus and to ...  Read More

22. Covid-19 Outbreak Highlights: Importance of Home- Based Rehabilitation in Orthopedic Surgery

Amin Azhari; Ali Parsa

Volume 8, Supplement 1 , April 2020, Pages 317-318

  Effectiveness of rehabilitation process is undeniable in many musculoskeletal and joint conditions. There are increasing evidences that elecronic visits and tele-rehabalition programs are useful. When social distancing policies limit orthopedic surgeons to use hospital or clinic-based rehabilitation, ...  Read More

23. Is the New Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Pandemic Halted by Malaria Epidemics?

Reza Hajizadeh; Mahsa Behnemoon

Volume 8, Supplement 1 , April 2020, Pages 319-320

  Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) was first emerged in Wuhan, China in December 2019, and on March 11, 2020, WHO announced COVID-19 outbreak as a pandemic. Because chloroquine is now one of the mainstay therapies of COVID-19 all over the world, we assumed that it may play a role in preventing COVID-19 ...  Read More

24. Report of Acute Adaptive Policies to Maximize the Educational Efficacy of the Clinical Hospital Ward During COVID-19 Pandemia

Leila Zanjani; Amir Reza Farhoud; Saeed Mehrpour; Roya Nasle Seraji

Volume 8, Supplement 1 , April 2020, Pages 321-322

  During COVID-19 pandemia, orthopedic ward of Shariati Hospital continued its work as the refferral ward for trauma patients. As an educational center with undergrad and postgrad medical students, we were forced to acutely change our policies and the ward workflow in a way to limit the danger of disease ...  Read More