Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 4, July 2020 
2. Total Knee Arthroplasty in Patients with Hemophilia: What Do We Know?

Pages 470-478

SM Javad Mortazavi; Nima Bagheri; Amirreza Farhoud; Saeid Hadi Kalantar; Ehsan Ghadimi

4. Do Antibiotic Beads Need to be Removed?

Pages 502-505

Navin Fernando; Shawn Werner; Moamen Elhaddad; Jonah Davies; Reza Firoozabadi

6. Isolated Buttress Plating of Posterior Wall Acetabular Fractures: Is it Sufficient?

Pages 511-518

Reza Firoozabadi; Eric Yu Chen; Moamen Elhaddad; Paul Tornetta III

7. Accuracy Assessment of Freehand Pedicular Screw Placement

Pages 519-523

Afshin Ahmadzadeh Heshmati; Shahab Ilka

8. Two-stage Total Knee Arthroplasty for Treatment of Surgical Failure of Septic Arthritis in Degenerative Knee Joints

Pages 524-530

Mohammad Naghi Tahmasebi; Arash Sharafat Vaziri; Seyed Hossein Miresmaeili; Mohammad Reza Bozorgmanesh; Shahin Mirkarimi; Mohammad Javad Zehtab; Mohammad Tahami

9. Reliability of Ultrasound Imaging of the Trunk Musculature in Athletes with and without Hamstring Injuries

Pages 531-536

Mahnaz Emami; Nahid Rahmani; Mohammad Ali Mohseni Bandpei; Akbar Biglarian

11. Loop-Post Construct, A Novel Technique for Medial Meniscus Root Repair

Pages 544-548

Mohammad Tahami; Arash Sharafat Vaziri; Mohammad Naghi Tahmasebi

12. Higher Rates of Achilles Tenotomy after a Didactic Session on Ponseti Method

Pages 549-551

Gunjar Jain; Sandeep Lenka; Manas Chandra; Tanmoy Mohanty

13. Strengthening with Blood Flow Restriction: Can it be a Useful Option in the Rehabilitation of Patients with Coronavirus?

Pages 553-556

Juan M. Roman-Belmonte; Hortensia De la Corte-Rodriguez; E. Carlos RODRIGUEZ-MERCHAN; Elena Muñoz-De la Torre; Aranzazu Vazquez-Sasot