Validated Measures of Publication Quality: Guide for Novice Researchers to Choose an Appropriate Journal for Paper Submission



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There is always a concern regarding the "quality" of publications as an index for promotion and career advancement. There are some ways to measure this "quality" including impact
factor and SCImago Journal Rank (SJR) as a measure of journals’ level of impact, h-index as a
measure of researchers’ level of impact, and visibility and citation as a measure of individual papers’ level of impact.
Paper publication is bringing revenue to some journals by soliciting money from whom that must publish or perish. This raises the suspicion of fraud toward Open Access journals because sometimes charlatans pocket the money via creating predatory journals or even creating counterfeit websites using terms similar to those already known. For this reason, legitimate Open Access journals have to be authenticated. Tempting emails from Open Access journals showing high indices of quality might entrap the new researchers, which could be prevented by awareness of the below terms [Figure 1]. ...