Posterolateral Corner of the Knee:Current Concepts



1 Steadman Philippon Research Institute, The Steadman Clinic, Colorado, USA

2 Steadman Philippon Research Institute, The Steadman Clinic, Colorado, USA ------ Orthopedic Department, Oslo University Hospital, Oslo, Norway


 Injuries to the posterolateral corner (PLC) comprise a significant portion of knee ligament injuries. A high index of suspicion is necessary when evaluating the injured knee to detect these sometimes occult injuries. Moreover, a thorough physical examination and a comprehensive review of radiographic studies are necessary to identify these injuries. In this sense, stress radiographs can help to objectively determine the extent of these lesions. Non-operative and operative treatment options have been reported depending on the extent of the injury. Complete PLC lesions rarely heal with non-operative treatment, and are therefore most often treated surgically. The purpose of this article was to review the anatomy and clinically relevant biomechanics, diagnosis algorithms, treatment and rehabilitation protocols for PLC injuries.


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