Tailoring Tendon Transfer Surgery and Rehabilitation for a Musician: A Case Study

Document Type : RESEARCH PAPER


Rothman Institute of Orthopedics, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA, USA


 Tendon transfers in hand patients are a commonly performed procedure after extensor tendon rupture. However, the standard side to side technique is not applicable in every patient. We present a case of a musician with unique demands to demonstrate the option to customize surgical technique and therapy regimen to the unique needs of each patient. An extensor indicis proprius to extensor digitorum communis transfer was performed in a 73 year old musician. A controlled active motion therapy protocol was followed. The patients musical practice regimen was incorporated into the therapy. The patient was able to independently extend her ring and small fingers in order to play her instrument and resumed play within one month postoperatively.
A patient’s functional goals including avocations need to be considered when selecting the appropriate surgical and therapeutic approach


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