Greetings from the Editor



Orthopedic Research Center, Ghaem Hospital, Ahmad-Abad Street, Mashhad, 91766-99199, Iran


It is my great honor announcing the promotion of the Archives of Bone and Joint Surgery (ABJS) to the level of being available on the PubMed Central site. Being precise, one year ago in September 2013, we published the first issue of the ABJS. Diligently thereafter, we published four subsequent issues with the fifth being in front of you. We set this as our first goal to reach visibility on PubMed striving to raise the quality. We greatly hope that the orthopedics science may be exalted by this voluntary contribution.
Hereby, I would like to specially thank to Sarah Post Calhoun and Wayne Jack Logue, from NLM/PMC, for their continuous support, giving direction, and cooperation. I am grateful to my colleagues, Dr Amir Reza Kachooei; the Managing Editor, Dr Ali Moradi; the Editorial Manager and Saeideh Erfani; the Administrative Staff  for their endeavor and being compassionate in this path. I also would like to thank Dr Farshid Bagheri, Dr Ali Birjandinejad, Dr Farzad Omidi-Kashani and Dr Mohsen Mardani-Kivi;  the Deputy Editors  whose continuous efforts from early 2013 has brought the journal to appreciation of scientific excellence.
 My sincere thanks to all Editorial Board members and reviewers, who have contributed towards the excellence of the journal by putting efforts and expending their valuable time to evaluate the submitted manuscripts.
I send my special thanks to Iranian Knee Surgery Arthroscopy & Sports Traumatology (ISKAST), Iranian Orthopedic Association (IOA), Iranian Society of Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons, and Deputy of Research at Mashhad University of Medical Sciences for their supports.
I would like to thank the prime industry sponsers, Osveh Asia Medical Instrument Co. and Tehran Sutures Co. (Zimmer Distributer in Iran), for their financial support.
Again I would like to appreciate all contributing authors particularly my outstanding colleagues who wrote an Editorial for us, Prof. Jupiter from Harvard University, Boston, MA, Prof. Pietro Ruggieri from Rissuli Insitiu, Bleona, Italy, Prof. Javad Parvizi from Rothman Institute at Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, Prof. Mudgal from Harvard University, Boston, MA, and Prof Reinhard Graf from Allgemeines und Orthopädisches LKH Stolzalpe, Austria and Prfo. Hadi Makhmalbaf from Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Mashhad, Iran (1-6).
Iranian literature in orthopedics goes back to the time of Razi (Rhazes), who was the first to design guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of the osteoarticular tuberculosis, diagnosis and managemet of fractures and dislocations (7). We, as Iranian Orthopedic Community, have a long way to run to reach to the level of becoming a global reference in medicine over the 21st century.
Finally I wish this journal could build a network of clinical orthopedic scientists, biomedical orthopedic scientists, and orthopedic societies to join and share their ideas, evidences, techniques and results for a better care of orthopedic patients around the world. This collaboration will melt the ice that may have surrounded the human community, to understand more about each others and to help as much as possible.
Stated by Prof. Jesse Jupiter in his Editoral for inauguration of ABJS “I am very confident that this Journal will permit others to have a window into the advances being made by Iranian Orthopedic surgeons as well as providing a platform for others to contribute their own knowledge and ideas. In a small way, this Journal will serve to continue efforts to expand our global Orthopedic Surgical community and serve to stimulate our political leaders to do likewise.”(1).


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