Ambiguity of Primary Patellar Tuberculous Osteomyelitis as a Pre-Patellar Bursitis: A Case Report

Document Type : CASE REPORT


Joints and Spine Clinic, Kandivali (W), Mumbai, India



Case: A 47-year-old male with swelling over the patella and associated pain, subsiding with medicines 
but recurring after a few days. Diagnosed as prepatellar bursitis by the family physician, it eventually 
turns out to be osteomyelitis of the patella. Treated with curettage, biopsy, and placement of biocomposite mixed with antibiotics. Intra-operative findings and histopathology confirmed tuberculosis of 
the patella. On follow-up after 6 years and the completion of anti-tuberculosis treatment, the patient
showed full functional and radiological recovery without recurrence. Conclusion: Early treatment with 
antibiotics and surgery gives excellent results. Identifying it as a tuberculous osteomyelitis is 
challenging when the condition is closely resembles pre-patellar bursitis.
 Level of evidence: IV


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