Posterior Hip Fracture -Dislocation Associated with Ipsilateral Intertrochantric Fracture; a Rare Case Report

Document Type : CASE REPORT


Orthopedic Research Center, Shahid Kamyab Trauma Center, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Mashhad, Iran


Hip dislocation occurs when the femur does not break and the force is transmitted towards the hip joint leading to a
posterior dislocation of the femoral head with or without posterior acetabular fracture. We present the case of a 26
year old patient involved in motor vehicle accident. Clinical and imaging (radiography, CT) examination revealed an
intertrochanteric fracture associated with ipsilateral posterior hip dislocation and posterior acetabular wall fracture
simultaneously with epsilateraal tibial and fibular fractures. Such associations is very rare and can be explained by an
extremely powerful force generated the three lesions simultaneously. This case is important not only because of its
extreme rarity but also because of treatment method.


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