How to Avoid Common Complications in Hamstrings Harvest for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: A Practical Guide

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1 Department of Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery, Magna Graecia University, Catanzaro, Italy

2 Department of Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery, Casa di Cura Caminiti, Villa San Giovanni (RC), Italy

3 Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences, Nutrition Unit, Magna Graecia University, Catanzaro, Italy

4 Twin Cities Orthopedics, Edina, Minnesota, USA


More than 100,000 anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstructions are performed annually in the 
United States and one of the most common autografts for ACL reconstruction (ACLR) is the HS tendons. 
Nevertheless, proper HS harvest can be challenging, and several complications can be encountered, 
including, iatrogenic neurovascular damage, premature amputation of the tendons, graft contamination, 
and postoperative hematoma. The aim of this technical note is to describe a safe and effective 
technique for autologous HS tendon harvest in ACLR.
 Level of evidence: V


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