Arthroscopic Allograft Bone Block Procedure with Remplissage For Bipolar Lesions

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1 The Rowley Bristow Unit, Ashford & St. Peter’s NHS Trust, Chertsey, UK

2 University College London, UK

3 University of Manchester, UK

4 1 The Rowley Bristow Unit, Ashford & St. Peter’s NHS Trust, Chertsey, UK- 4 Smart Health Unit, University of East London, London, UK


Anterior shoulder instability with bone loss is a challenging condition. The two most performed procedures, Bankart
repair & Latarjet, are not without issues. We describe a technique where arthroscopic free bone grafting was performed
in conjunction with remplissage. We feel that this combined arthroscopic procedure offers advantages that include
reduced risk of conventional Latarjet complications, including neurological deficits and metal hardware complications
while preserving subscapularis and coracoid. Furthermore, these advantages may not come at the cost of compromised
outcomes, particularly recurrence rate, as the remplissage may compensate for the possible lack of “sling effect” with
free bone graft reconstruction.
Level of evidence: V


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