Warning Signs of Predatory Open Access Journals And Pseudo Solicitations: Advice to Avoid Literature Pollution


1 Rothman Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

2 La Paz University Hospital, Madrid, Spain


We are bombarded with numerous emails daily 
requesting to submit a paper, become a member 
of the editorial board, or attend a meeting. It 
implies that there should be a defect in the publishing 
business model that allows predatory journals to creep in 
and outnumber legitimate ones. Conventionally, the cost 
of publishing was covered by subscription (subscriptionbased). Budapest Open Access Initiative (1) was the first 
to declare open access to scholarly published articles 
in 2002, followed by the Bethesda Statement on Open 
Access Publishing (2) and Berlin Declaration on Open 
Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities
in 2003 (3). The author-payer model is now called gold 
open access, in which the author is charged when the 
paper is accepted for publication. 


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