A Modified Triple Pelvic Osteotomy for the Treatment of Hip Hypoplasia


1 Orthopedic Research Center Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Mashhad, 91766- 99199, Iran

2 Orthopedic Research Center Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Mashhad, 91766- 99199, Iran


The prevalence of hip dysplasia is 1 in 1000. Several pelvic osteotomy methods have been developed to prevent early osteoarthritis, such as triple osteotomy. In this study we are going to introduce our new technique that was done on 4 patients with favorable short-term results.
Four patients underwent triple osteotomy and fixation using a reconstruction plate and early weight bearing was started.
The Harris Hip Score, limb length, center-edge angle, and acetabular inclination showed improvement.
This modified technique is suggested for corrective surgery on adult dysplastic hips.


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