The Delivery of Orthopaedic Care amidst COVID-19 and Social Distancing



1 Cooper Medical School of Rowan University, Camden New Jersey, USA

2 Cooper University Hospital, Camden New Jersey, USA


In this paper we present the findings of a literature review covering articles published in the last three decades describing
the application of telemedicine in orthopaedics. A review of the PubMed Central and Medline provided 75 articles
studying the role of telemedicine, the majority directly examining the application of telemedicine in orthopaedic patients.
We report the summarized findings of these studies, the financial and HIPAA considerations of using telemedicine, and
provide an example of our single urban level-1 trauma center’s strategy for incorporating telemedicine into the clinical
practice of orthopaedic surgeons during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Level of evidence: V


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