Reality Does Not Recognize Borders

Document Type : EDITORIAL



2 Archives of Bone and Joint Surgery, Orthopedic Research Center, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences,, Ghaem Hospital, Ahmad-abad Street, Mashhad, Iran


Reality does not recognize borders. Why we should use the very general term of “reality” and not science, because the borders that we draw are pure delusions, and on the opposite side there is the reality. The laws of the universe, either the physical nature of the world which the scientist studies or metaphysics which is the territory of philosophers, it is
the same reality that rules. 
Today maybe we believe more in delusions than realities, we believe that our slightly different brothers and sisters separated from us by the seas and borders must be categorized and stay separated. In fact nature does not recognize the difference of language or thoughts that we have, it treats us the same in the good and bad days.


1. Jupiter Jesse B. Hands Across the Sea. Arch Bone Joint Surg. 2013;1(1):1