Functional Outcome and Incidence of Osteoarthritis in Operated Tibial Plateau Fractures

Document Type : RESEARCH PAPER


Department of Orthopaedics, Pramukhswami Medical College Karamsad, Anand, Gujarat, India


Background: In the challenging tibial condyle fractures despite anatomical joint reconstruction, development of
osteoarthritis may still occur secondary to the initial articular cartilage and meniscal injury. The aim of the study was
to know incidence of osteoarthritis in our operated cases of tibial plateau fracture and to evaluate functional outcome.
Methods: Our operated 60 patients of tibial plateau fractures between 2006 to 2013 were evaluated retrospectively.
Pre-operative radiographs were classified using Schatzker classification. Patients were followed up clinically and
radiologically and were assessed for functional outcome and development of osteoarthritis.
Results: The average duration of follow up was 76.32 months ranging from 42 to 130 months. The average age was
41.28 (20-73) years. According to Schatzker classification type VI accounted for 32.5% and type V for 20 %. Average
VAS Score was 1.35 ranging from 0 to 4. According to American knee society scoring system, 47patients had excellent
and 8 patients had good knee scores, while 52 patients had excellent, 4 patients had good and 1 patient had poor
functional scores. According to Ahlback classification 25 patients had grade I, while 9 patients had grade II, 7 patients
had grade III and 3 patients had grade IV osteoarthritis of knee.
Conclusion: Incidence of osteoarthritis goes higher with Schatzker’s grading. Despite presence of radiological arthritis
patients can have good clinical function if the articular reduction and limb alignment are maintained. Treatment goals
should include a congruent articular reduction, adequate knee stability, anatomical limb alignment and avoidance of
Level of evidence: IV


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