1 Department of Orthopedics, Bahonar Hospital, Kerman University of Medical Science

2 Kerman University of Medical Science


Background: The purpose of this prospective study was to determine accuracy of insertion of the pedicular screw without use of the fluoroscopy.
Methods: 760 pedicular screws were inserted from C7 to S1 vertebrae without use of fluoroscopy and locations of screws were assessed with CT scan after surgery and results were analyzed with Chi square test in SPSS software.
Results: 65 screws (16.8%) of 387 thoracic screws and 34 screws (9.1%) from 373 lumbar screws were perforated pedicle wall or vertebral body. The most frequent location of perforation in thoracic spine was anterior cortex of the vertebral body and in lumbar spine was medial wall of the pedicle. Except perforation of anterior vertebral body (P=0.0001), there was no deference between left or right sides or between thoracic and lumbar screws. No complication was seen due to screw perforation.
Conclusion: Use of the fluoroscopy in spine surgeries for insertion of pediculate screws is not necessary and accuracy and complications of them are equal to other studies that has been used the fluoroscopy