DDH Epidemiology Revisited: Do We Need New Strategies?



Tehran University of Medical Science, Tehran, Iran


Background: Although the developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH) is well known to pediatric orthopedists, its etiology has still remained unknown and despite dedication of a vast majority of research, the results are still inadequate and confusing. The exact incidence of DDH and its relationship with known risk factors in Iran is still unknown. Here we represent the results of one year study on the incidence and related conditions of DDH. Methods: Sonography was performed on the hip joints of 1073 full term healthy newborns at Imam Khomeini Hospital from March 2013 to March 2014. The results were classified according to Graf’s classification. Pathologic hips were cross checked by the known risk factors for DDH. Results: A significant correlation was found between DDH and breech presentation (P=0.000), torticollis (P=0.004), metatarsus adductus (P=0.024). Conclusion: The incidence of DDH is significantly high in the studied group of neonates, suggesting reevaluation of current approach to DDH. The screening protocols need to be improved with the help of trained pediatricians and other health professions.


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