Correlation of Single Assessment Numeric Evaluation (SANE) with other Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs)



1 Albany Medical Center, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Albany, NY The University of Texas at Austin, Dell Medical School, Austin, TX, USA

2 The University of Texas at Austin, Dell Medical School, Austin, TX, USA


Background: The Single Assessment Numeric Evaluation (SANE) is a simple, one-question patient-reported outcome
measure (PROM). We systematically reviewed correlations between SANE and more extensive PROMs.
Methods: We identified studies with correlation coefficients between SANE and other shoulder, knee, and anklespecific
PROMs. We calculated mean, median and range across studies and time points of data collection.
Results: Eleven studies provided 14 correlations, six shoulder-specific PROMs in four studies, six knee-specific PROMs
in six studies and two ankle specific PROMs in one study. The mean correlation comparing SANE and knee-specific
PROMs was 0.60 (SD 0.24), median 0.66, and range 0.12 to 0.88. Among studies comparing SANE and shoulderspecific
PROMs mean correlation was 0.59 (SD 0.20), median 0.62 and range 0.20 to 0.89. The mean correlation
between SANE and ankle-specific PROMs was 0.69 (SD 0.17), median 0.69 and range 0.75 to 0.81.
Conclusion: There seems to be moderate correlation amongst PROMs, even those that are a single question. Future
research might address whether patient reported outcome measure a common underlying construct even when they
consist of a single question.
Level of evidence: V


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